A Teen’s Open Letter on Picking Your GCSE Options

Written by: on February 19, 2019
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An open letter from one of our teen InnovateHers to her Year 8 self:

Dear Year 8 me,

Picking your GCSE option can be a daunting time of your life, there’s a decision to make and a new ladder to climb. Once you pick them and reach the end of year 11 you will leave with a set of GCSEs to open the door to your bright future. You will grow so much in the next two years and the stress of options will pass.

Having been through the process, here are some top tips on picking your options. Remember that your friends are not you and that they have different hopes and dreams for the future.  So please don’t just do a subject because of them. Choose the subjects you choose because they are subjects that you want to do. Also, remember that everyone can do any subject that they put their mind to. Your academic success is not based on your gender or your postcode. It is down to you.

Please don’t feel pressured into doing a subject because of your teachers or the school’s targets. Do the subjects that you want to do and that will help you to become the amazingly talented women that you want to become.

Thank you for reading this letter and remember to reach to the stars and see that they are as bright as the life ahead of you.


Year 12 me.

By Annabelle Robinson, aged 16


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