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Written by: Mica on May 5, 2020

Last Thursday we hosted our first ever online event!

Not only did it go without any hitches (apart from a few bad jokes!) but we were able to connect with over 40 inspiring people.

We gave a rundown of our new membership enhancements, a candid account of what it’s like to mentor and with us, and valuable information about our new online learning platform. We also featured a keynote talk from Amul Batra, Director at Northcoders, and we shared some exciting new partnership announcements along the way.

If you missed our event, fear not – this blog is for you. Below are some of the topics we covered!

Our new online offer.

We have made exciting changes to our membership offer. Not only have we introduced a new online membership, allowing us to take our initiative nationwide, but all memberships have been enhanced – meaning that you get more out of partnering with us.

Some enhancements include an online calendar of monthly webinars and knowledge sharing events, which means that we can reach people everywhere. We have also introduced flexible monthly payments for organisations to spread the cost.

Not only can we reach more companies all over the UK by delivering this course remotely, but we have partnered with the amazing charity Chayn to ensure they get a fee from every member that signs up. This is an important cause to support as reports of domestic abuse has sadly been on the increase since lockdown commenced.

Sound good? Click here to request our new member pack.

Our new educational offer

Like many businesses, our work has been directly affected by Covid-19. Our educational programmes were held in schools so after the widespread closures, we decided to find another way to deliver our educational programme to girls. This is when #iHerOnline was born – its a remote version of our ‘Tech For Good’ foundation programme, in which girls will get a chance to work on real-world problems related to the current Covid-19 pandemic. Cohorts are guided by an industry mentor from one of our partner organisations in the same way our school programmes were. This means that girls still get to meet role models from industry, alongside other like-minded girls online.

Furthermore, with an effort to make this initiative as inclusive as possible, we have partnered with the Princes Trust to supply devices and dongles to those in need, breaking down any barriers to access (Terms and Conditions apply).

Click the image for more info on our new online initiative and how you can get involved!

Mentoring with us.

As you probably know, one of the most valuable aspects of our work are the amazing industry mentors we work with – we’ve worked with over 75 to date. Our guests were introduced to Hazel Wylie, a mentor who we have been working with for the past two years. She gave a candid talk about her experience with mentoring with us, both professionally and personally (pictured far left).

You can apply to be a mentor with us online here. The online course requires 30 minutes of your time each week, plus some prep time.

Hazel is on the far left!

Getting to know our community.

When people sign up to our membership they also become a part of our fabulous community. With a shared passion for Diversity and Inclusion in tech, Manchester-based North Coders is a valued member of ours. We introduced our guests to Amul, director at North Coders, who did a powerful talk on Diversity and Inclusion.

It’s not just about numbers – its attitudes that need to change.

To hear Amul’s talk in full, head to the bottom of the page where the video of our event is waiting for you!


See it for yourselves…
Grab your popcorn and click below to watch our event as it happened.


We would love to hear from you! Feel free to drop us a line on Twitter (@Innovateheruk), or give us a shout at

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