Meet The Team: A Look Into The Expansion and People of InnovateHer

Written by: Libby on March 4, 2022

Hello Reader, 

I’m here today with the third episode of our new series, ‘Meet The Team’, which will introduce you to our newest team members (Rhiannon, Sarah, and myself- Libby).

Third in the series is me, Libby, InnovateHer’s Digital Marketing and Communications Assistant. Be sure to catch up with the other instalments of the series here.

I’m here today with the third episode of our new series, ‘Meet The Team’, which will introduce you to our newest team members (Rhiannon, Sarah, and myself- Libby). We recently did an employee’s roundtable to introduce ourselves- who are all wonderful, unique, and excited to be working at InnovateHer. This roundtable was an absolute pleasure to be a part of, and have the conversation that the three of us had. It was filled with interest, insight, emotional intelligence, and a dash of humour.

Being able to convey who we are was important, as sometimes a blurb or a standardised interview doesn’t give the effect. There were questions asked but it became an open conversation- we listened to each other, understood one another better, and we hope that you get to know us too.  

Alongside the transcript there is also an audio version, which you will probably get a clearer sense of us, but I’ll make sure that you can sense us just as much in the transcript. However,  there is also an audio clip too that will appear alongside the question. 

We greeted each other, checked in, and caught up first, and then pressed record.

So, without further ado, I shall get into our roundtable conversation, and from all of us we hope you enjoy: 

  1. So, the first question is about you as people, and like your interests, passions, just a basic thing about who you are, and if you mention your role as well, so who wants to go first?

Me: So, I’m the Digital Marketing Assistant, and I’d say my interests and passions are mainly writing, film, TV, and recently getting into art, as well as social issues- I like to stay up to date with what’s happening in the world.

2. Next one is the values of InnovateHer are a big part of the team and the company itself, which one or more than one resonates with you the most and why? 

Me: I think it’s hard because they are all, I think we’re all interested in all of them. So, I think I kind of cheated and went for courageous because I think the rest of them kind of all, in some way relate to being courageous. I think to be curious you need to have the courage to go ahead and dive into something completely different, and then you need the passion to do it.

So, I did courageous and collaboration because I think courage it’s quite a big thing, especially for women because I think we kind of come into this world knowing that things are against us, so it takes the courage to go ahead and be like ‘Oh I want to do this, do that, no matter what’. And collaboration because I just think it’s nice to work with people who come from different backgrounds, lifestyles, have different interests, and just put that difference together and make magic essentially.

Rhiannon: That’s really nice 

3. So, going from that in a way, what attracted you to the job and InnovateHer itself?

Me: I think for me, what, I finished uni in June, and I was surprised by how I felt afterwards. I thought I’ll be fine you know, I’ve prepared for this, I know how it will feel. Then I left and I was just like okay that kind of security net you get in education has gone and I think obviously because of the way the last year was in educational terms it didn’t feel real in a way. So, when I left, I felt kind of unstable and daunted by what was to come next. I wanted to do something that I knew I would feel comfortable and enjoy.

Anyway, it took a few months, which you know that’s normal, and when I found the role, I thought ‘okay yeah’ it felt special, something kind of ignited in me. I was like this is the path I’m meant to take and just hope I got it. Yeah, I guess it was just about finding somewhere where I felt comfortable to kind of rebuild myself in a way. In going from that journey of what once was, to what it is now, just find out who I am (as a worker) in a nice environment, but also do a job I enjoy. 

4. So, how has working at InnovateHer altered your view on conceptions you had before towards work or showed you something you didn’t expect it to? 

Me: I think for me it’s kind of shown me how a workplace should be and it’s special because I think we can safely say that not every workplace is like this. So, it shows how it’s rare and it needs to be more widespread. For me, I’d say that community and communication are two of the strongest things in the team, and I think it’s a safe space whilst also getting the work done.

So, it’s a nice balance and it just, you know I look ahead in the future and I would want to run a company, and seeing Chelsea and Jo, and the team itself, and how we are with each other, how we feedback, how we interact, support, uplift, it’s just really comforting, and nice to see that this does exist and it can exist as well. I wonder if we were in person if it would be different, but because you’re virtual you’re kind of I suppose more willing to be open because it seems less intense. Where if you’re in a room full of people it does seem more intense, so I do wonder if it would be any different.

5. As we know, there’s an importance in our working environment to have a healthy relationship with our work and also our personal lives,you know through as Sarah referred to before the flexible working policy. How important has that been to you in applying for the role initially, but also since you started working? 

Me: I think for me it wasn’t something that initially I was highly aware of. I knew that it existed, but I didn’t have much experience with it, and it wasn’t until I started the job I realised what it actually was, and what it felt like to have flexible working hours. I think it just gave security and confidence that I wouldn’t be overwhelmed, or get anxious about doing certain things, so I think it’s just nice to be able to have that balance. You feel secure coming to work and also outside of work, yeah you’re busy doing the job and it can be overwhelming, but it’s not overwhelming to the point where it kind of stays with you when you’re not working. It’s just really nice to have an openness and a comfortableness with your job. 

Rhiannon: A healthiness

Me: Yeah, a healthiness

          In Conversation…

Me: It’s just like a natural trust that you’re going to do the work, do it well, and do it properly, but also it’s flexible you can do it when it suits you as long as you get it done.

Rhiannon:  Yeah and support as well. If you’re struggling then there’s an openness to saying it rather than it getting too late, which I think in other cultures I’ve been in, you mask if you’re struggling because you don’t want, if you’re unsure about a task, you don’t want to ask for help sometimes because you either feel that the time’s passed to ask for help or that you think there’ll be repercussions for it. I think having that open and honest culture, well obviously we’re still at the very beginning, but I think it does remove that because I feel like if I needed help I could immediately ask and rather than feel that I was going to be told off for that, which is good because you’re an adult you shouldn’t be told off.

Me: Yeah, it’s a very safe space to ask for help, you don’t feel nervous asking for that. When we first joined, we had that ‘How We Communicate’ session which we all know how each other likes feedback, how best to deliver it, and that immediately provided that sense of “okay I’m not going to feel demeaned or put down or put off”. You just felt safe to ask for help.

6. And we’re on to the last question, which is what are you most looking forward to in the year ahead at InnovateHer?

Me: I’m looking forward to when we all meet up, it’ll be a weird transition from just seeing the top half to the full bodies (Group laughter and joking). But, I think I’d say the growth in general of us as people, as a team, the company, what it can achieve and what it will achieve.

Just hopefully getting more students involved next year to bridge that gap in the tech industry, and show young students what they’re capable of, what they can do, show them new paths they didn’t think about. Even because we’re getting new boys involved through allyship just bringing that all together to help make the world better I suppose.

And that draws a close to the “Meet The Team” Series, from all of us thank you for reading, listening, or both. We hope you enjoyed and got to know us a little better.

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