How our membership network is helping to drive change in Liverpool

Written by: on June 21, 2018
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Last month we held our May members lunch at IGOO in the heart of the Baltic. These regular gatherings act as opportunities for our members to network, share their updates relating to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and discuss their progress.

IGOO's office

At this particular gathering, we asked our members to reflect upon the past year and how far they had come since we first started our partnership. We’re delighted to say that despite facing challenges both internally and externally, many of them have made great strides into creating more diverse and inclusive workplaces. They are truly leading by example. We’re happy to share some of our favourite updates with you:

Shop Direct

Shop Direct, the home of Littlewoods and Very, is one of the largest digital employers in the Liverpool city region. Here’s how they have worked towards removing the gender imbalance in tech this year:


IGOO is a creative development agency based in our neighbourhood, the Baltic. As well as hosting our May members lunch in their newly refurbished Baltic office, IGOO has had a busy year and have really focussed on making their team more diverse and inclusive:

Members at IGOO's HQ


Our proud member, Uniform, is a creative agency whose HQ is stationed on one of Liverpool’s most vibrant streets, Bold Street. We have worked very closely with Uniform over the past year, here are some of their key achievements as a result:

Reading Room

Reading Room is a full-service digital agency, and as part of the wider IDOX group, they are one of the largest agencies in Liverpool. Since becoming a member Reading Room have been committed to our mission and have worked with us in a number of ways:

Doris IT

Our proud member, Doris IT, provides recent graduates with a personal, rewarding IT mentorship programme and tech jobs across the North West. Here’s what Doris has been up to over the past year:


Local WordPress consultants, web development and web design agency, interconnect/it, have been busy advocating for diversity internally and externally over this past year:

Members discussing updates

In summary, all of our members have cited making some important internal changes as a direct result of being part of our network. They told us that being a member of InnovateHer has helped to raise the profile and awareness of Diversity and Inclusion internally and that it has been a catalyst for change within their companies.

Being a member of our network has helped many of them to find local talent for their vacancies and the majority felt that membership has helped to raise their profile in a positive way among the local community.

We’re proud of everything our network continues to achieve and we will continue driving the change in partnership with our members. Our members have the opportunity to lead the way in improving diversity and inclusion within tech. If we join together as a community we can make it happen.

If you’d like to find out more about our membership, visit this page, or get in touch and we’ll take you for coffee!

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