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Written by: on November 11, 2019
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Our Marketing Executive, Emily, reflects on her time at InnovateHer as she prepares for an exciting next step in her career.

Before joining InnovateHer I’d never thought about how the devices that I use daily, such as my smartphone or laptop, work. Don’t get me wrong I knew code existed, although I think I was first exposed to it when I watched The Social Network at the cinema in 2010, but I’d never thought about how it shapes my everyday life. I was also under the impression that working in the technology sector was unaccessible, I hadn’t really been exposed to any women in tech and I never knew about the multitude of roles that existed in the sector, such as those in UX design and testing.

During my time at InnovateHer I’ve learnt so much about the tech sector and its wider opportunities as well as expanding my knowledge in my own field of marketing and learning how start-ups and social enterprises operate.

Emily (right) with InnovateHer Co-Found Chelsea (Middle) & Head STEMette Anne-Marie (left)
Emily (right) with InnovateHer Co-Found Chelsea (Middle) & Head STEMette Anne-Marie (left)

Through the work that we do here at InnovateHer, working closely with industry to get the tech sector ready for the next generation, I have also had the opportunity to meet some incredible people in the local tech community here in the North-West (and nationally) who are doing some fantastic things. Every time I visit one of our members or meet one of our mentors I leave feeling inspired.

I’ve learnt so much during my time at InnovateHer, but no one has taught me more than the girls we have worked with through our programmes and events. I was lucky enough to be a support mentor on our first games design programme during my first few months on the job and I left every session feeling inspired and in awe of the girls, their imaginations and desire to make a difference. There is nothing quite like seeing their confidence grow over the 8 week period. Find out more about being an InnovateHer mentor here.

InnovateHer team
Join the InnovateHer team!

I have also been fortunate to work as part of a diverse and empowering team during my time at InnovateHer. These five incredible women inspire me everyday and encourage me to be the best version of myself. Big thank you to each one of them for always supporting me, believing in me and helping me grow. And finally a massive thank you to our Co-Founders, Chelsea and Jo, for taking me on as their first proper employee! It’s been fantastic to see InnovateHer grow over the past 2 years into what it is today and I’ve loved being a part of it.

By Emily Cotter

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