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Written by: Mica on October 18, 2021
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We connected with Don’t be Shy this year via an event, and we could tell from the get-go that they were extremely passionate about diversifying their talent pipeline. From our extensive experience in delivering D&I services, we have found that the most effective way to diversify and retain talent is to nourish the whole career journey, starting with inclusive and accessible tech education for teens. 

After our initial meet, it was clear to us that the team at Don’t be Shy had the tech expertise and raw passion to inspire the next generation of techies, and through our tech education platform, we are confident that together, we will be able to curate and deliver inspiring tech education to teens across the UK.

The aim of this article is to introduce Don’t be Shy to our amazing, and through their own words, to learn about their organisation – their passions, their values, and their hopes for this future partnership.

In less than five words, can you tell us what you do at Don’t be Shy?

B2B digital marketing agency

Where are you based, and how long have you been established?

Manchester, circa 2016!

Why have you decided to support a social enterprise such as ours?

We’re a growing agency, with female leadership in place. It’s important to give back to the community, so others can have the same opportunities. We really believe in the work you’re doing and the value you deliver for minorities. It feels good to give back!

What value do you feel it will bring to your business and employees?

The perspective that comes with a diversity of backgrounds.

Why do you feel diversity and inclusion are important in the workplace? Has any of this positively/negatively impacted your business?

It’s the only way we can address and correct imbalance!

Why is it important for businesses like yours to support and empower often underprivileged and minority youths? What benefit do you feel this brings to society and the workplace?

I feel it’s important to contribute to a world where our people and clients are given equal opportunities to grow. Our strength lies in our people so we want to be sure that we’re always fostering inclusion and accessibility.

What are your hopes for future collaboration with InnovateHer? What do you want to achieve internally as well as externally?

To be a catalyst for change – I know that’s cliche, but we pride ourselves on being from all aspects of life. So to do more of that would be a pleasure.

What is your workplace culture like? What are your values?

We’ve just gone through an exercise to revise our values – we’d outgrown our previous set. We want to motivate people to be their true and best selves and understand that everything they do makes a difference. Our new mission is ‘Be More’ – that’s what we encourage our team and our clients to do.

1. Crit everything, neg nothing

2. Gather input, measure impact

3. Craft what you control

4. Arrive hungrily, never settle

5. Come as you are

Lastly – please tell us about yourselves. What are you proud of, have you achieved anything you want to shout about? What exciting projects are you working on?

Last year we won The Drum agency of the year and that was huge. A young agency from Manchester with <30 people defeating some of the giants in agency land. It was mind-blowing! Since then we’ve pushed ourselves to get the clients that we can best represent. We recently won Figma, a client that’s been on our bucket list for a long time. This might be the official start of our diversity and inclusion journey but I hope this time next year, we can be stood here talking about our achievements in that area.

See how Don’t be Shy can take your business to the next level by clicking here.

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