Our new proud partner – Greensill.

Written by: Mica on February 17, 2021

Greensill is a fast-paced organisation. They are a leading provider of working capital finance for businesses and people globally. They unlock capital, so that the world can put it to work.

We were contacted by Greensill last year, who were extremely passionate about diversifying their talent pipeline, nourishing their workforce with opportunities, and supporting the next generation of techies! Like us, Greensill is serious about making tech skills and education accessible to all, and have been thoroughly engaged with our work and journey in the few months that they have been with us. Greensill’s support will help us reach even more teens across the world by helping us realize our dream of being the leading digital skills provider for teens in the UK!

The aim of this article is to introduce Greensill to our amazing community, and through their own words, to learn about their organisation – their passions, their values and their hopes for the future. We caught up with them to find out just that!


Can you tell us more about what you do?

Greensill is the market-leading provider of working capital finance for businesses and people globally. We unlock capital so the world can put it to work. Greensill’s mission is to make finance


Where are you based, and how long have you been established?

Greensill was founded in 2011, our head office is in London and we have a total of 16 global offices.


Where did you hear about us? 

We feel strongly about encouraging young women into technology careers and have been following the progress of Innovate Her for some time.


What are the reasons behind supporting a social enterprise like ours?

InnovateHer and Greensill share common goals of promoting diversity and encouraging girls from broad range of backgrounds to consider careers in tech.  The partnership is a fantastic opportunity for Greensill to make a difference in some of our local communities.


Do you think that our partnership will have any positive impact on your employees?

As a Fintech, Greensill is excited about encouraging more young women to consider a rewarding career in technology.  Our employees are enthusiastic about acting as ambassadors and taking the opportunity to put something back into the community.


Why do you feel diversity and inclusion are important in the workplace? Has any of this positively/negatively impacted your business?

Inclusion, diversity, and equity are essential for a business to thrive.  We are passionate about breaking down any barriers to success in our sector.


Why do you feel it is important to support and empower often underprivileged and minority youths? What benefit do you feel this brings to society and the workplace?

We want to enable everyone to reach their potential regardless of background and access the depth and breadth of career opportunities available to them.  


We’re honored to have you on board with us, and hope it’s for the long run! What future collaboration would you like to engage in with us?

We want to build a long-term pipeline of talent for Greensill by encouraging young women to consider a career in technology. The Greensill team are excited about sharing their experiences with the Innovate Her participants.


As you know we are a values-led business – what can you tell us about the values at Greensill?

Greensill is an innovative Fintech which centers around the Values Client First, Solve Together, Thrive on Challenge and People at the Heart. We are an output-led business with little hierarchy and where you are valued for who you are.


A final word

We are honored to have Greensill on this journey with us, and with their talent, experience, and passion we hope to be able to utilise them to inspire and empower the young people that immerse themselves into our new online offering.

Sound like a good place to work? We think so too! Tap here to view Greensill’s latest vacancies. 

For more information about Greensill, and to learn how they can help you take your business further, tap here. 

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