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Written by: Mica on February 9, 2022
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We connected with Peel Ports Ltd last year, and we could tell from the get-go that they were extremely passionate about diversifying their talent pipeline, and putting real work into empowering the next generation of STEM workers.

Peel Ports Ltd understand that the most effective way to diversify and retain talent is to nourish the whole career journey, starting with inclusive and accessible STEM education for the younger generation, which is why they opted for our highest tier of membership, ImpactHer!

After our initial meet, it was clear to us that the team at Peel Ports Ltd  had the STEM expertise and passion to be great role models for our student network, and through our STEM education platform, we are confident that together, we will be able to curate and deliver inspiring tech education to students across the UK.

The aim of this article is to introduce Peel Ports Ltd  to our like minded network, and in their own words to learn about their organisation- their passions, their values and their aims for this future partnership.

So, let’s get back to basics, what does Peel Ports Ltd sell/provide?

At Peel Ports we’re more than just a series of ports, we are an integral part of our customer’s supply chain. As the second largest port group in the UK, each year, we safely handle over 70 million tonnes of cargo from across the globe and whether it is finding efficient routes and well-connected services, close to end-destination ports or storage and freight options, we add-value to every step of the process.

Where are you based, and how long have you been established?

Our Head Office is based at the Port of Liverpool, however, we have ports based in Scotland, Dublin, Heysham, the South East and the Manchester Ship Canal. We have been established since 1715

For the readers, where did you hear about InnovateHer?

Through networking events.

Why have you decided to support a social enterprise such as ours who fight for equality in the tech sector?

Partnering with InnovateHer forms part of our wider Diversity and Inclusion strategy where we believe a more diverse and inclusive workforce will drive greater innovation, manage risk better, enhance engagement and performance and enables us to attract and retain employees with the skills required to drive the business forward. Supporting InnovateHer will allow us to work with local schools and colleges in the Sefton region and Liverpool to promote opportunities including apprenticeships.

What value do you feel this new partnership will bring to your business and it’s employees?

Not only will this partnership promote Peel Ports and the STEM subjects attached to the industry to local schools and colleges but we are hoping InnovateHer will support and guide the business through our Diversity and Inclusion strategy

What does diversity and inclusion mean to Peel Ports Ltd, and why is it important?

A diverse and inclusive workforce drives greater innovation, manages risks better, enhances engagement and performance and enables us to attract and retain employees with the skills required to drive the business forward. We champion and promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. By recognising the unique contributions our people make, we are able to grow and harvest the future of the maritime industry. Peel Ports is actively involved with the Department of Transport and Maritime UK on the ‘Women in Maritime Charter’ and signed the ‘Women in Maritime Pledge’ in 2018. We have continued to encourage more women to pursue careers in Maritime and this also includes enhanced maternity provision for our employees.

Why is it important for businesses like Peel Ports Ltd to support and empower often underprivileged and minority youths? What benefit do you feel this brings to society and the workplace?

These individuals are our future so by supporting and empowering them, gives the younger generation the knowlegde to make informed choices about their future and gives businesses like ours the opportunity to showcase what pathways are available. Which will hopefully create a wider and more diverse STEM talent pool for the future.

What are your hopes for future collaboration with InnovateHer? What do you want to achieve internally as well as externally?

To support local schools and colleges with recruiting more pupils onto STEM subjects as well as broadening the knowledge of diversity and inclusion among our employees.

What is the culture at Peel Ports Ltd like? What are your values?

Honesty and Integrity, Personal Responsibility, Heartfelt Customer Service, One Team and Strive for Excellence – Our core values underpin our behaviours and are expected to be upheld by all employees in every interaction with colleagues and customers. This gives rise to a thriving, positive and successful working environment. It’s important to us that we continue to adapt and change whilst we work towards our ambitious growth plans and so it is key that we provide our people with training to enable them to thrive and be successful. From day one, our people are provided with a comprehensive induction that delivers training and guidance to make settling in as seamless and as safe as possible.

What are you proud of, have you achieved anything you want to shout about? What exciting projects are you working on?

Peel Ports was named Port Operator of the Year 2021 by UK Ports Directory. Over the last five years, we have invested c. £750+ million across the Group on infrastructure, supporting trade in a variety of commodities across our port estates – from Kent to the Clyde. The investments we make today will help open up more trade opportunities, helping businesses to reduce costs, congestion, and carbon emissions. Working with our supply chain partners, we seek opportunities to minimise the use of natural resources and energy ensuring sustainability of resources and reductions in carbon emissions.

If you would like to explore Peel Ports LTD’s tailored business solutions, or explore more of their great initiatives, please head to the Peel Ports LTD website.

Sound like a great place to work? We agree. Head to our jobs webpage, where you can find fresh job vacancies from all of our amazing partners, including Peel Ports LTD.

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