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Written by: Mica on November 20, 2020
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Specialising in digital solutions, Cantarus is a digital agency who are passionate about delivering solutions across entire digital ecosystems – from websites to apps to brand strategy.

Cantarus have been great friends of ours for over a year now, and we are delighted to announce that our story will continue. Cantarus have renewed their membership with us, and with their help, we are able to move forward with our next phase of becoming an e-learning provider!

Cantarus are not only passionate about diversity and inclusion but since being a part of our community they have been able to successfully attract and retain more badass female talent!

We caught up with Cantarus to discuss our partnership.

Why have you decided to continue with supporting a social enterprise like ours?
The impact that InnovateHer has on the tech industry is second to none. Our partnership
has helped us move further toward an even more inclusive workplace, ensuring we attract
the best female talent in the industry. We’re really proud to continue advocating for change in tech.

What have you found valuable by being a part of the InnovateHer community?
There have been so many interesting events hosted by InnovateHer that the wider
Cantarus team has enjoyed. Not only are these great learning opportunities, but they’re
an opportunity to network with other like-minded businesses and individuals. The Monthly Member Bulletins are really helpful in determining which events to attend and they provide an easy-to-digest update on everything from recruitment tips to industry news.

What are your views on diversity and inclusion in the workplace? Has this changed
since becoming a part of our community?
Without access to a diverse talent pool, Cantarus would be a significantly smaller, less profitable and a less capable organisation than it is today. We always aim for diversity and inclusivity, but working with InnovateHer has helped give us the opportunity to build an even stronger, more competitive business.

What is your current stance towards diversity and inclusion?
We’re absolutely thrilled to play our part in improving diversity within the tech industry and continuing to address the digital skills gap. We know young women are still rarely encouraged to pursue careers in STEM and we’re really keen to help change this.

What would you tell other businesses who may be thinking about joining our
Do it! It’s such a great community to be part of, and the InnovateHer team are all so friendly and supportive. We have learned a lot since joining the community and we look forward to seeing what’s next!


Click here to learn more about Cantarus and their work.

Want in on our network? Click here to learn more about our membership!

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