What is InnovateHer?

Our vision is to improve the gender balance in tech, and increase diversity across the spectrum by creating inclusive workplaces in which people can thrive. We are a values-led education and coaching social enterprise based in the North West. We specialise in education and we’re dedicated to our cause.

Our mission

We’re getting girls ready for the tech industry, and the industry ready for girls.

Why do we exist?

Only 19% of the digital tech workforce in the UK is female, compared to 37% across all sectors. It’s proven that the gender gap costs the tech sector time and money, but it also contributes to the challenges we have sourcing talent and widens the digital skills gap.

The gender gap starts early in the talent pipeline and widens over time. Nationally only 46% of schools offer GCSE Computing Science and only 11% of pupils take the subject. Just 20% of Computing Science GCSE pupils are female, falling to 10% at A level. Girls are rarely encouraged to pursue a career in STEM and their awareness of available routes into industry is low due to poor links between industry and educational institutions in many parts of the country.

So how do we ensure that the future workforce is diverse, that the talent pipeline is nurtured, and that there is equality of opportunity?

We’re changing lives on an individual basis and also building a community network to support this work.

We’ve been working on the diversity agenda for over 7 years through our previous community: Liverpool Girl Geeks, supporting over 2,000 women and girls of all ages to enter the industry, as well as working closely with organisations who believe, as we do, that diversity and inclusion is a number one priority within their business. This has evolved from Liverpool Girl Geeks into InnovateHer, a social enterprise with a big ambition to create national change.

We tackle the above problems through three strands of work:

Educational programmes

Our aim is to inspire girls aged 13-16 to consider careers in STEM, through our innovative educational programmes, led by industry role models. We are training the next generation of innovators and inspiring them to pursue careers in tech. We also run this programme in various formats for schools, and it is now available online too. We’re passionate about reaching disadvantaged communities and providing equal access for all, regardless of background or identity. 

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Company membership network

We believe that it is important to create inclusive and more equitable workplaces for tomorrow’s generations to thrive within. Our members directly support the work we are doing with the next generation.

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Campaigning to create social change

We believe that representation and consistent campaigning is integral to our brand. It is hugely important for us to raise awareness of our mission nationally and create a community around the cause. As a community interest company, we exist to serve the community we’ve nurtured and created. Follow us online @innovateHerUK on all channels.

Want to talk to us about how to get involved? 

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Our Values


We have a strong moral compass. We live by our values.


We believe in continuous learning and encourage those around us to explore and develop.


We’re friendly and empathetic. We love to network and we believe in the power of the collective voice.


We live and breathe our mission because we believe it's the right thing to do. We’re enthusiastic and driven.


We’re self-starters and we love to be creative. We solve problems. We get stuff done.


We know that to be impactful it sometimes requires us to challenge the status quo. We empower others to do the same.