Reflecting upon the new world – remote/hybrid work models, cloud services and D&I.

Written by: Mica on August 25, 2021

We reflect on how the pandemic has changed the shape of the digital world, and catch up with M247 to learn how the increase of remote working and the use of cloud services can positively impact diversity and inclusion within the workplace.

It’s no secret that the pandemic has reshaped the way that organisations engage with digital services, and as a business which specializes in the delivery of cloud services, unified communications and connectivity solutions, our Manchester based partner M247 has seen the change first hand.

If you’re thinking that this is another article talking about how ‘Zoom has kept us connected’, or about how we are all living a ‘new normal’, you’d be partly right.

However, underneath these cliches, COVID19 has impacted a plethora of organisations in a way that a lot of us don’t realise. The increase in hybrid/remote-first working models has had a positive impact on many D&I agendas, and this is thanks to digital workplace solutions.

Let us explain. 


It’s no secret that internet use soared during the pandemic, as people fought to stay connected with their friends and family. In fact:

Not only did the internet become a lifeline in our personal lives, but in our professional lives too. As we were forced to stay inside, organisations fought to stay afloat. This created a huge demand for online work tools, from messaging apps to cloud services.


We started offering Diversity & Inclusion services to innovative businesses in 2017. 4 years, 5 awards and 32 successful partnerships later, we like to think of ourselves as leaders in the sector. However, although the need for D&I in the workplace has been amplified over the pandemic, the fight is far from over, and until it becomes second nature to our workplaces, we must continue to research and embrace new enablers.

As a D&I advisory body, we have been thoroughly impressed with how flexible working throughout the pandemic actually allowed for diversity and inclusion to flourish in the workplace, so much so that not only did we become a remote first workplace ourselves, but it is now a key element in our service delivery.

Here are some examples of just how flexible working can improve your D&I strategy:

Not only do hybrid and remote-first working models allow employers to improve their D&I agenda, there is evidence to suggest that it is quickly becoming the preferred method of working for employees. In fact:

For more insights like this, and tailored guidance on how to improve your D&I strategy, we would love to hear from you. Check out our partnership options here.

Cloud services – the platform you need for your remote-first model.

To reap the benefits of a remote workplace, it is paramount that one gets the correct tools for the job, and that can mean some initial investment. The most important thing to any business is that their employees are able to work comfortably, efficiently and effectively regardless of location. Cloud services can offer an easy to access online hub for your team, holding important information, files and documents safely and securely. 

Click here for an introduction to the cloud and key considerations to think about

We asked M247 how business technology needs have changed, and about their cloud services

‘For remote workers, having access to a secure business cloud is instrumental. The cloud model allows employers and employees to have shared access to work tools, files, and programmes with a simple internet connection. 

If your employees work from home using their own devices, it’s likely that the standard of these devices will not be consistent, as not everyone will have the model with the same capabilities. Furthermore, some of your employees may not have the same internet coverage, hindering their capabilities of efficient uploads and downloads.

By adopting cloud services into your workplace, you are effectively removing these barriers, creating a more fair and accessible work culture.

A final word

When life gives you lemons you make lemonade, and when the world gives you a pandemic, you embrace digital solutions!

Although this new remote-first model of working was forced upon most of us, we now see it as a valuable opportunity for employers to adopt a more diverse and equal work agenda – but that isn’t without the right tools.

If after reading this, you feel that a cloud solution could benefit your organization’s operations and people, we can’t recommend chatting to M247 about their cloud services enough. They are pioneers in the sector, and their team is awesome and approachable! 

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Visit m247’s website to learn more about their work and how they can help elevate your workplace. 

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