We’ve launched our new e-Learning platform

We equip girls aged 13-16 with the self-belief and skills to pursue a career in technology through our eLearning platform, whilst working with digital and tech companies to create inclusive workplaces for them to work within.

Our platform is a safe space for your students to learn, be inspired, become  part of a moderated, like-minded community, and even take their first step into employment. 

It delivers inspiring digital courses, taught by real-life industry role models from the organisations that we work with. These courses are delivered through a range of mediums, and feature topics that aren’t yet part of the curriculum, giving your students a fierce edge!

Our platform also hosts a library of video content, that we like to call ‘Life Skills’. Here, students can get guidance on broader but related topics, such as cyber security, confidence and healthy social media use.

Our mission

We want to see gender equality in tech. Just 19% of tech roles are female. Only 20% of Computer Science GCSE students are female nationally, indicating the problem starts at a young age. That’s why we’re working with teens to encourage them to consider tech careers.

What are the benefits?


The delivery format for our courses is flexible in time, duration and style of learning (classroom or self-study) allowing you to support your students in different ways.

Alternative career pathways and opportunities

We facilitate meaningful encounters with employers and their employees, which delivers on Gatsby Benchmark number 5. Empowering students with access to information about alternative career pathways and opportunities.

Close the gender gap

Increase the number of girls and non-binary teens taking tech subjects in Year 8, become a pioneering school in the fight to close the tech industry gender gap!

Computer Science Curriculum

Align the Computer Science curriculum content to enrichment activities and careers content. This also delivers on Gatsby Benchmark number 4.

Supportive community

Be a part of an innovative and engaged teacher community.

Your students help to improve our work

Your students are involved at every stage, their feedback enhances the existing courses and design of the platform for future students which we hope enriches their experience.

Feminist stance on the educational material

Our courses are designed with a female gender lens. This means that we promote equality throughout the educational material and raise awareness about existing inequality issues.

Download our Teacher Pack

To take advantage of our e-learning platform, please register to download our Teacher Pack to get started. There, you will find guidance on recruiting your students, tips on how to deliver classroom activities and much more.

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Students will need access to a device to study with us. If this is an issue for any of your students please contact us as we want to remove any barriers and can work with you to source one. We also want to record how many students this impacts upon so we can provide this information to local authority partners.

Our courses are completely flexible and have been designed to be delivered in two ways, it’s totally flexible to suit your needs and available time:

Cohort / group format

Our courses can be led by a teacher or facilitator in a classroom environment, either in curriculum time or as enrichment activity. Using the online platform students can progress through the sessions together. We provide extra resources for teachers with ideas for group activities within each module.

Self-study / individual learning format
Students can study with us independently in a self-guided way at home or after school. Using the online platform students can progress through the sessions in their own time. We provide regular access to live Q&A sessions with industry mentors and ongoing support for all our students.

We welcome all students from any background or identity, and any level of digital skills knowledge.

We want to work with those who currently don’t have a passion for technology, as well as those who do. The course has been designed to suit all levels of ability and enthusiasm.

We’re passionate about working with students who need it most, which is why we ask when students register if they are currently in receipt of pupil premium.

Register to download the pack below for more information. We’ll talk you through how to get your students signed up on the platform and give you a lesson by lesson breakdown to enable you to support their learning journey.

Contact our team here.

Yes. We’ve put a lot of work into making our online environments safe for our students and we’ve consulted with students on our safeguarding framework. We’ve written a teen friendly privacy policy which you can view on the platform here and a code of conduct for our learning environment which you can view here. Our full safeguarding policy can be viewed here.
We encourage students to use Avatars as their profile pictures instead of real images, to protect their identity. We have clear signposts throughout the platform for what to do if you need to raise a concern.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve this, please contact us, we’d like to hear from you as we know that this is an area we can always improve upon.

We’ve been a digital skills provider since 2016 as Innovating Education CIC. To date we’ve delivered courses to over 1,000 students in schools in cohorts of around 20. You can view our latest social impact report here.

In 2020 we became an eLearning provider. This means that we are testing out new ways of delivering learning and we are continuously gathering feedback from students, teachers and parents. Over the last year we’ve engaged with over 500 students in virtual environments and we’ve run student focus groups to help us design our platform and the courses within it. We’re very open to hearing your feedback and your students’ feedback. We have built surveys into every module of our course so that it is quick and easy to provide this to us.

Students will only need to gain parental consent to attend live events with us or access the student community forum. We clearly signpost whenever consent is required.

As long as the student is age 13+ we can deliver content to them within the platform in a pre-recorded format. Live events do require consent because of the nature of the event being more interactive. Our live events do not require students’ cameras to be switched on, so the consent is required only for the chat functionality.

All of our team members have been trained in safeguarding and DBS checked and we will always maintain and manage the chat function alongside managing who is attending the event.

Still unsure?

Join our teacher live stream event, every Thursday @ 4pm

To take advantage of our e-learning platform, and learn how our platform ticks off some areas of KS3 and KS4 Computer Science National Curriculum. Please register to download our Teacher Pack below to get started.

There, you will find guidance on recruiting your students, tips on how to deliver classroom activities, as well as much more. 

Or you can attend one of our upcoming live stream events to find out more. 

We hope to work with you and your students very soon!

“Having a new experience has helped my confidence. This programme has made me feel like I can do anything I want to do.”

Student, Liverpool, 2020 Pilot scheme