InnovateHer Online: Our eLearning Platform for Schools.

Our tech eLearning platform has been built with industry experts from the BBC, Sony Playstation, The Co-op and more. So far, it has been used in hundreds of classrooms across the UK.

Using a curriculum-linked approach, our tried and tested content invites your students to see the world of tech as they have never seen it before: igniting a flame of curiosity, interest, and passion into your classroom!

With a continuous stream of innovative topics such as UX Design, our eLearning platform is a tool that enables you, the teacher, to arm your class with competitive skills, industry knowledge and unique local opportunities.

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Inspiring Assembly

Ignite interest in your subject with a tailored assembly live-streamed into your classroom!

Time Commitment: 20-minutes

Embed a Course

Elevate your lessons with our one of a kind #Tech4Good course into your classroom.

Time Commitment: 8-weeks

Book a Demo

Excite your students by streaming a live demo of our platform into your classroom.

Time Commitment: 20-minutes

Meet a Role-Mode

Virtually introduce your students to one of our super inspiring tech role-models!

Time Commitment: 20-minutes

A Tool for Your Classroom.

Our eLearning platform is a new way to breathe even more life into how you teach, helping you engage more students, and make the exciting possibilities of tech more accessible.

Hear all about it!

Watch the short video below to hear our co-founder and CEO Chelsea tell you everything you need to know about our e-learning platform.

“I’m so impressed with how InnovateHer has helped our girls to develop their confidence, their digital skills and to discover talents they never knew they had.”

Teacher Testimonial


Students will need access to a device and WiFi to study with us.

All of the content on out platform is completely virtual. It is up to you how you decide to embed it into your lessons – we can of course help you with this!

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Sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of our page.

Our team is always on hand to support you and your students. If you have a question, email us at

Yes. We’ve put a lot of work into making our online environments safe for our students and we’ve consulted with students on our safeguarding framework.

We’ve written a teen friendly privacy policy which you can view on the platform here and a code of conduct for our learning environment which you can view here.

Our full safeguarding policy can be viewed here.

We encourage students to use avatars as their profile pictures instead of real images, to protect their identity. We have clear signposts throughout the platform for what to do if you need to raise a concern.

If you have any suggestions, please contact us. We’d like to hear from you as we know that this is an area we can always improve upon and we keep our learning up to date to employ best practices.

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