Our Ambassador Scheme

You can change…

The Gender gap in Tech

Only 19% of the workforce are women.

The Digital Divide

Teens from underprivileged backgrounds often don’t have accessibility to tech and education.

The UK Cirriculum

Only 16% of females have had a career in technology suggested to them, compared to 33% of males.

Help make a change through our ambassador scheme

The InnovateHer ambassador scheme is the new way that we connect industry role models to the next generation of techies!

Whether you’re an industry professional or a University student – this is a community for you to pay it forward, and help remedy injustices in the tech industry.


Our ambassadors advocate for our cause, helping us spread the word about our free education resources using the power of social media. We provide full social media template guides to support their efforts!


Our ambassadors take advantage of tutoring opportunities, doing live sessions, or creating masterclasses to inspire and educate the younger generation.


We encourage our ambassadors to embrace a new community of like-minded individuals. With regular events and channels for communication, they are able to share professional advice, tips, and tricks with each other!

What you’ll get

Exclusive events

Throughout the year you’ll be invited to exclusive events from learning workshops to casual get-togethers.

Free Digital Merchandise

From unique Instagram stickers to zoom backgrounds.

Virtual tutoring opportunities

A unique opportunity to pay it forward and mentor the next generation.

Community nourishment

Our ambassador scheme looks great on a CV, but more importantly, you’ll give back to your local community.

Watch the video below to meet some of our ambassadors

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