InnovateHer programme mentors come from a wide range of different backgrounds including computer science / STEM graduates, employers, freelancers and teachers.

In a nutshell, our mentors are there to help our classes run smoothly, to inspire the girls to engage with technology and to encourage them to consider a career in the sector, using their expert industry knowledge.

InnovateHer programmes which are delivered face to face are usually either 8 weeks long, for 2 hours a week in a school environment, or 3 consecutive days long. We now have an online programme which requires 30 minutes of mentoring each week in an online classroom environment, for 6 weeks.
All our mentors are trained by us and have DBS checks in place.

You will be helping girls aged 13-16 learn new digital and technical skills. We engage with two mentors per programme; the lead tutor will prepare for the sessions and deliver them each week, using our content resources. The supporting mentors role is to help the lead tutor deliver the sessions, giving advice and guidance to those who need it.

So why be a mentor with InnovateHer?

Empower girls to realise their potential and battle inequality

The idea that particular jobs or interests are for girls and others for boys is false. One of the most important and lasting ways to challenge that is to empower and encourage girls – to reinforce a different idea: that they are the ones to decide what they do, where they go, with their lives.

It is well documented that girls experience sexism in schools and are often not encouraged to pursue STEM careers due to gender stereotypes. Your role is to help these girls believe that they can do anything and be anything that they want to be. It is about empowering them to realise their true potential.

We’ve already had so many positive outcomes from our programme, for instance girls have been on work experience at incredible tech companies such as SONY and Co-op, one girl has even delivered a TEDx talk on ‘how to get more girls into tech’. Many of them have told us that they aspire to be games developers, cyber security experts, animators and videographers as a result of our intervention.

We are consistently blown away by our teen community and if there is one thing we’ve learnt, it’s that you should never underestimate a teenage girl!

Share your story and give something back

There are endless opportunities out there for girls, they often just don’t know about them yet. When they hear your story and how you got to where you are, it can make a huge impact and potentially change the course of their lives forever. You are a role model for them in a society which does not promote female achievements often enough. In giving something back to help others, you will also find that your own sense of achievement and happiness increases.

Develop your skills and experience

Mentors build upon skills like leadership, planning, communications and mentoring. Did we mention it looks great on your CV too?

Meet like-minded women and join a community

You will also meet other like-minded adults in our community, make new friends and have the opportunity to make a real difference within your local community.

Interested in becoming a programme mentor?

All of our industry mentors are volunteers. All expenses are covered for both lead and support roles if the programme is delivered face to face.

Join us and be part of a movement to correct gender inequality and make a fairer and more equal society for all.

Check whether you have the right skills and experience.


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"I'm so glad I did it! I felt that not only did I help to inspire the girls, but they also inspired me. It was great to see the girls grow in confidence throughout the eight weeks I spent with them. An absolutely amazing experience which I recommend highly."

Rebecca Boardman, Lead Tutor, 2017